Another activity is to create milestone for learning achievement in children by managing child friendly environment. The decorated class rooms, child friendly furniture and tidy classrooms have highly contributed in teaching and learning among the children. The upliftment of facility, link education with technology and maintenance and construction of toilet and rest rooms are the major activity which have benefitted thousands of children in different schools. A total of 7 schools were upgraded with child friendly setting this year.The computer labs, science labs and use of multimedia is the unique components and highly appreciated by children and teachers to enhance the teaching and learning. A total of 325 children in 2 schools were directly benefited.We support the children at schools and small physical infrastructure which may create high impact for children. Go green campaign in schools have created very healthy environment in school premises. Similarly, we provide dustbin and mobilize school family to clean school premises. The program is conducted to involve community organization for the ownership and long-term sustainability of resources. The local resources were utilized for maximum instant to promote indigenous knowledge and skill. A total of 150 dustbin were provided to this year in the schools in 50 community schools and so many child clubs were activated to carry out school sanitation along with their leadership and extracurricular activities.